Do you want to offer your employees a retirement plan that provides confidence in retirement readiness?

We Help Plan Sponsors Design Highly Effective Retirement Plans by Following The 4 Elements of Success

  • Great service from providers

  • Performance from a high-quality investment selection

  • Appropriate fees and fee structures

  • Employee education on investment & income planning needs


Service is at the heart of our company and we take pride in ensuring that we provide a top-notch service to our clients. We believe in the collaboration of our plan providers working together as a team to provide the individual attention that each client deserves. Venn Wealth and Benefit Services takes the lead in communication with the service providers. We are the bridge connecting our clients to the appropriate service providers.


A retirement plan can have very low fees, but if the plan has poor investment choices, it will fail employees over the long term. According to Morning Star Investment Research, there are approximately 28,000 funds in the investment universe.  At Venn Wealth and Benefits Services, we put great effort into researching the best investment choices and designing simplified investment selections.


Fees can erode the savings of participants over time. So not only is it important to know who’s making money from your retirement plan, it is equally as important to know how service providers are being compensated. Venn Wealth and Benefits Services takes the time to analyze your company’s current fee structures and provides an audit evaluation of the current plan. This analysis will show if the current fee structures are in the best interest of your employees and YOU, the plan sponsor.


As a plan sponsor, you are a key player in ensuring that your employees understand their retirement plans.  

Employees indicate the most confusing aspects of a retirement plan are:

  • Where to invest/which investment choices to use

  • Contribution structure as a participant and by the employer

  • How much they should be saving

  • Financial planning guidance and income planning for retirement


Venn Wealth and Benefits Services provides individualistic holistic financial planning, manages investment accounts, and initiates income distribution planning for income that lasts a lifetime.

Lao Tzu was quoted as saying, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."

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