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Innovation And Technology Are Reshaping The New Modern 401(K) Plan

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You Don't Know Where You're Going Until You Know Where You're At

Benchmarking is outdated and tells you as a plan sponsor very little about the efficiency of your plan. An Audit Evaluation is a more complete analysis of your plan and let's see just where your plan is at today. The audit evaluation covers participant contributions, employer matching structures, investment expenses, liability risk exposure to the plan sponsor, investment quality, professional fees & fee arrangements, and services performed by professionals.

Plan savings

 If your plan could save thousands or even millions of dollars...

 when would you want to know?

Simple adjustments to fund selections or paying for services you don't need or even over paying for services can add up to significant savings over time. 

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Questions To Ask Yourself

1.) Who is being compensated and how are they being compensated?

2.) Is our plan advisor a fiduciary or a sales representative?

3.) Are our participants getting advice or generic educational recommendations?

4.) Do we have quality investments or are they just average?

5.) Is revenue sharing a part of our fee structure?

Not knowing the answer to any of these questions can be a breach of your fiduciary duties and cost participants future income!


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