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Innovation and technology are reshaping the new modern 401(k) plan!

Benchmarking vs Audit Evaluation

Benchmarking is outdated and tells you as a plan sponsor very little about the efficiency of your plan or how much liability risk to which you could be exposed. Benchmarking has also become so commoditized that financial service professionals perform them for nothing!

An Audit Evaluation is a more complete analysis of your plan. The audit evaluation covers participant contributions, employer matching structures, investment expenses, investment risk, investment diversification, professional fees & fee arrangements, services performed and liability risk exposures to plan sponsors.

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Plan Savings

            If your plan could save thousands or even millions of dollars...

            when would you want to know?

           Simple adjustments to fund selections can add up to

           significant savings over time by utilizing comparable funds  

           with lower expense ratios.

            Fees to service professionals are also an area where plan

            sponsors can see savings and these fees could actually be



Questions To Ask Yourself

1.) Who is being compensated and how are they being compensated?

2.) Is our plan advisor a fiduciary or a sales representative?

3.) Are our participants getting advice or generic educational recommendations?

4.) Do we have quality investments or are they just average?

5.) Is revenue sharing a part of our fee structure?

Not knowing the answer to any of these questions can be a breach of your fiduciary duties and cost participants future income!

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Ask Yourself

Our Fees

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         Paying a service provider solely as a percentage of assets of the plan

         means your fees could be going up while service stays the same and

         no additional value is added.


                 If you decide to hire us as your Chief Fiduciary Retirement Officers,                     we work as a fiduciary in your best interest. We aim for transparency                   with our fees. They are calculated based on a combination of plan                       assets, total participants in the plan or services being performed.     

         We also lock in our price for three years unless there is a significant             change in the number of participants added or reduced.


         Driving plan fees and expenses down is a priority of ours, but not at

         the expense of service or value.

Our Fees

Audit Evaluation Video

Before making any changes to your employer retirement plan, you need to fully understand how efficient it is. It all starts with a quality audit evaluation from an independent fiduciary.

Don't trust the 401K industry is really on your side.  Many plans have been a cash cow for advisors and other service providers.  We expose the "true" cost and value of your plan, helping you make better informed decisions as a fiduciary.  Our primary goal is to help you as a plan sponsor realize how exceptional your plan could be.

To learn more about our level one audit evaluation, watch our short introductory video.

Once you watch, request to speak to one of our professionals and we'll send you a complimentary summary report of your plan.

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Please watch this short educational video

Audit Video
Discover what a Chief Fiduciary Retirement Officer can do for YOU!
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