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Being a little different when it comes to your 401(k) plan can create amazing things!

What makes us at Venn Wealth and Benefits Services different?

We work on your behalf as a contracted plan fiduciary and we believe in focusing on the 4 elements of success.

  • Great service from providers

  • Performance from a high-quality investment selection

  • Appropriate fees and fee structures

  • Employee education on investment & income planning needs

The 4 key elements of success are designed to help plan sponsors make the most efficient 401K decisions for their employees.

Before you make any changes to your plan, you have to understand its current efficiency. Consider the following points:

  • Who is being compensated and how are they being compensated?

  • Is the plan advisor you are working with a fiduciary or a sales representative?

  • Are participants getting holistic financial planning advice or generic recommendations?

  • What is the quality of your current investment choices?

  • Is revenue sharing part of your current plan?

The starting point of making any decision is having an audit evaluation by an independent fiduciary!


A quality audit evaluation can expose inefficiencies of investments, or ways to control fees and services performed by providers.  Even though 408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure Regulations went into effect in 2012, many plan sponsors still aren't paying close enough attention to the details.

Don't trust the 401K industry is really on your side.  Many plans have a been a cash cow for advisers and other service providers.  We expose the "true" cost and value of your plan, helping you make better informed decisions as a fiduciary.  Our primary goal is to help you as a plan sponsor realize how exceptional your plan could be.

Discover what a Chief Fiduciary Retirement Officer can do for you and your plan

Venn Wealth & Benefit Services, LLC is a Pennsylvania Registered Investment Advisor