Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

Being a little different when it comes to your 401(k) plan can create amazing things!

Why is having an audit evaluation by an independent fiduciary critical for the success of your 401(k) plan?


A quality audit evaluation can expose inefficiencies of investments, fees and services performed by providers.  Even though 408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure Regulations went into effect in 2012, many plan sponsors still aren't paying close enough attention to the details.

Don't trust the 401K industry is really on your side.  Many plans have a been a cash cow for advisers and other service providers.  We expose the truth and will explain the good, the bad and the ugly concerning your plan and show you how exceptional your plan could be.

As an independent fiduciary, we do not sell or administer 401(k) plans.  This allows us to break free from the conventional industry thinking. . . thinking that can keep plans boring and under performing.


Most plans have a score rating from a national agency.  We would like to send your report showing your plan score and offer you a complimentary audit evaluation.  In return, all we ask is for you to register and view our short educational webcast.  Once you register, we'll email your plan score report.

This is what could be happening to your 401k plan through service provider fees, investment expenses and even from poor investment returns!

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