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Because Life Happens

Stop Hate

No matter where you are in life, we're here to listen and provide the right guidance and strategies based on your unique needs.

Who We Serve

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Pre-retiree investors looking to grow and accumulate assets.

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Retiree investors looking to protect and grow assets and not run out of money.

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Retirement plan sponsors looking to work with a fiduciary advisor and provide employees with an efficient and effective retirement plan.

What We Do

Financial Planning

Financial planning brings all the pieces together for healthcare, taxes, retirement income, investments and estate transition.

Investment Management

While no investment strategy is perfect, we believe in multiple strategies to minimize significant draw-downs for consistent long-term performance.


Insurance is about mitigating potential risk and protecting you and your family of adverse events, protecting income or minimizing market risks of growth.

Retirement Income Planning

From the accumulation phase to the distribution phase, the right strategy will help you plan for a lifetime of income.

Employer-Sponsored Plans

Employers and employees deserve the very best when it comes to saving for retirement.

Understand Your Risk Profile

Discover what your portfolio risk should be based on risk preference and risk capacity.

What We Do

Understanding Your Investment Risk Profile

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1.)  Risk Capacity

The investor can or cannot take how much risk given their current life situation – ability to take a risk.

Risk preference is often emotion-based and reflects an individual’s tolerance for risk at a specific moment in time. Risk capacity is the amount of risk investors can actually take on, given their current life situation.

2.)  Risk Preference

How much risk the investor is willing to take.

3.)  Portfolio Risk

The portfolio risk score should fall between the risk preference and risk capacity scores.

Our Mission

"We aim to help people easily manage and modestly grow their wealth. We do not charge any commissions. Our fees are structured so that we do better when our clients do better!"

Michael Schultz (President, RFC, AIF)

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